Learning goals

  • learn why it is important to be careful on social media.
  • become aware of the advantages and disadvantages of social media.
  • think about when information is unwanted, and know who to discuss it with.


With the classquest, points can be earned for the game. Individually, but also in class. The points the students, who are trained as Cyber Agents through HackShield, collect determine their place in the Honor Roll. The best Cyber Agents stand a chance to win exclusive HackShield prizes or even be honored by the mayor and/or police.

After completing each classquest, which can only be played through a Teacher's Account, you as a teacher will receive a code. The students can enter this code in their individual account, after which they receive points and a Shield. These are reflected in their HackShield account.

In-depth information for this class quest

  • Have students talk to their parents about sharing photos.